HeadAmp is a high-end audio equipment retailer known for its premium headphones and amplifiers, delivering immersive listening experiences to audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Despite being a leader in its industry with over 20 years of manufacturing and providing customers with the best audio equipment, the company’s email marketing efforts were underperforming, leaving significant revenue potential untapped.


Growth in email revenue
In just 3 months
Growth in subscribers
Via optimized opt-in forms, capturing more traffic and enhancing conversions.
Growth in flow-based revenue
Score higher than 75% of stores from the same niche


Prior to our involvement, HeadAmp was doing some email marketing in house for some time. The brand had a substantial customer base, but email marketing efforts lacked cohesion and strategy.

Major challenges include 

  1. Email campaigns were sporadic and lacked a clear schedule, leading to reduced customer engagement and missed sales opportunities.
  2. Existing automated flows were generic and failed to target customers based on behavior or preferences, resulting in low click-through and conversion rates.
  3. Customer lists were not strategically segmented, leading to high open rates with low conversions = “big leak” in the funnel revenue. 
  4. The marketing angles were a bit bland and didn’t evoke any emotional response from the reader.


  1. Strategically segment the customer list to maximize click-through rates and boost revenue through targeted campaigns.
  2. Redesign the automated flows to provide personalized and behavior-based customer journeys, increasing conversion rates.
  3. Implement compelling opt-in forms to convert website traffic into email subscribers

Email Design

We crafted visually appealing email templates incorporating modern design, concise and engaging copy, and a strong call to action. The emails aligned with HeadAmp’s premium branding while ensuring a clear and relatable message for their target audience.


1. ROI Test Campaign
  1. Launched a comprehensive ROI test campaign that included an enticing offer, providing valuable data on the profitability of the email list.
  2. This helped refine the customer segmentation strategy for future campaigns, striking a balance between maximum reach and high engagement.
2. Campaign Strategy
  1. Developed a consistent and well-timed campaign calendar featuring product launches, educational content, and promotions.
  2. Tailored newsletters with exclusive content, product recommendations, and special offers to appeal to different audience segments.
3. Overhaul Automated Flows
  1. Redesigned existing flows like Welcome Series and Abandoned Cart with more engaging copy and custom visuals.
  2. Introduced new behavior-based flows such as Browse Abandonment and Post-Purchase to re-engage customers.
4. Opt-In Form Optimization

Refreshed opt-in forms to better capture visitors' attention and incentivize email sign-ups through personalized discounts.


In just three short months, HeadAmp’s email marketing revenue skyrocketed from $7,000 to $100,000, thanks to our strategic approach. 

  • Impeccable deliverability with primary folder placement. 
  • Opt-In Form Conversions: Increased website traffic-to-email conversions, resulting in a 35% growth in the subscriber base.
HeadAmp’s transformation demonstrates the power of a well-executed email marketing strategy, turning an underperforming revenue channel into a significant growth driver.
April 18, 2024