Free The Roots is a natural skincare brand known for handmade, high-quality products that are entirely natural, on a mission to provide their customers with transparency and sustainability in their skincare routines. Despite having a raving customer base on Instagram and YouTube, they wanted to improve their email marketing strategy to better engage customers and grow their sales.


Growth in email revenue
In just 3 months
Growth in subscribers
Via optimized opt-in forms, capturing more traffic and enhancing conversions.
Growth in flow-based revenue
Score higher than 75% of stores from the same niche


Josh from Free The Roots first contacted us in October 2022, right before the holiday shopping season, to capitalize on holiday sales. Here's what we found:

  1. Their Klaviyo account had only two flows—a welcome series and an abandoned cart sequence. Both looked super templated and generated only a few thousand dollars per month.
  2. There was little revenue coming from regular campaigns due to the lack of consistent campaign sending. This also affected email deliverability, leaving the account "cold" as emails weren't regularly sent out.
  3. Almost no new customers were added to their newsletter list – which stagnated their growth all because their pop-up looked like 💩


  1. We immediately started with a deliverability audit to make sure our emails aren’t landing in spam or getting blacklisted. 
  2. Build the automated email flows to deliver strategic emails at critical stages of the customer lifecycle.
  3. Design a campaign strategy to increase email sending cadence and restore deliverability.
The conclusion was harsh: their account wasn't ready for sales this Black Friday season. Fortunately, Savio is here to the rescue!

 The Strategy

  1. The deliverability audit was completed and we started with a list cleaning to remove "bad emails" that might affect performance.
  2. We rolled out Regular flows + Black Friday themed flows to increase emotional connection on the big holidays. 
  3. We improved the re-engagement campaigns with special offers for inactive customers and VIP customers, keeping the audience loyal and interested.


  1. 55% open rates
  2. Site traffic increased 400%
  3. Email revenue increased by 21x in 3 months! (That’s 1433% ROI) 
  4. Breaking revenue all-time highs
April 18, 2024
Free The Roots